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There are many research opportunities for biomedical field in various aspects within the PROTOM-I Research Group. The biomedical research activities and projects include device and sensor design and fabrication, image processing and biomedical signal analysis and processing. Due to the diversity of biomedical application and research, PROTOM-I members focus on detection techniques for biomedical samples that involve sensor and device development, other than that PROTOM-I research group involve actively in biomedical data processing and analysis. 

The research members in the group involve in biomedical research such as Figure 1 shows the miniaturized tomography system in microfluidic platform for samples detection and image reconstruction; Figure 2 shows the liquid chromatography Lab-On-Chip (LOC) for neurotransmitter separation and electrochemistry detection of neurotransmitter, Figure 3 shows the biomedical signal processing for ECG, Figure 4 shows the non-invasive measurement for dengue infection and there are many more interesting biomedical research within the research group.  Nevertheless, PROTOM-I research group is always open for new ideas and collaboration with other biomedical groups.

Figure 1: Miniaturized ECT system with planar electrode

Figure 2: Liquid Chromatography LOC for neurotransmitter separation and detection

Figure 3: Atrial fibrillation analysis

Figure 4:  Non-invasive dengue detection